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Revolutionizing Car Repairs: Understanding the Concept of SMART Repair

Experiencing a scratch or dent on your car can be disheartening. Addressing vehicle damage becomes a top priority for various reasons, and the repair process is crucial. Fixing your car not only preserves its aesthetic appeal but, in specific cases such as scratches on car bodies, it also serves as a preventive measure to safeguard your car against potential future damage by ensuring that the affected area doesn't deteriorate further. This is where SMART repair proves invaluable.

What is a SMART repair?

SMART, which stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, involves the use of specialised tools, paint, and materials to repair a vehicle in a localised damaged area. This innovative approach eliminates the necessity to remove or repaint the entire car panel. By seamlessly incorporating the latest paintwork technology, SMART repairs enable a targeted focus on the damaged area.

In the era before the advent of SMART repair processes, cars with relatively minor damage would have to be taken to body repair shops, often enduring days or even weeks of service. Additionally, the cost of a simple repair used to be exorbitant, mainly due to the requirement of removing entire panels to fix a small dent. Now, thanks to technological advancements in car repair techniques, SMART repairs allow for the swift restoration of damaged areas within a matter of hours, as opposed to days. This efficiency has a cascading effect, significantly reducing the overall cost of the repair when compared to traditional body shop services.

Why choose a SMART repair?

There are several compelling reasons to opt for a SMART repair over visiting your local car body shop. The primary advantage of a SMART repair lies in its cost-effectiveness, as these repairs are typically more affordable than traditional body shop services.

This is attributed to the focused nature of SMART repairs, allowing attention to be directed solely to the damaged area rather than necessitating the repair of the entire panel, as mentioned earlier.

Consequently, only a small section of the vehicle requires attention, significantly reducing the time required for repairs.

The lower cost associated with SMART repairs often falls below the excess on your car insurance.

This means you may not need to file an insurance claim, enabling you to retain your no claims discount. It's essential to note that the reduced price does not equate to lower quality.

What can a SMART repair fix?

Here at Dorset Auto Restore, we can fix scratches, dents, scuffed alloy wheels and damaged exterior trim, SMART repair allows us to focus, providing a fast and flawless repair with a fantastic finish. No matter where the damage is on the car (bonnets and roofs tend to be bodyshop repair due to the size of the panels)

Types of damage that are suitable for SMART repair include:

  • Scratch repair

  • Dent repair

  • Alloy wheel repair

  • Alloy wheel refurbishment

  • Exterior trim repair

  • Bumper repair

How do SMART repairs work?

SMART repairs employ various methods depending on the type of damage to your car. The appropriate SMART repair for your vehicle is contingent upon the specific nature of the damage it has sustained. If your vehicle's paintwork has been both damaged and dented, a filler and respray will be necessary.

For small dents that haven't affected the paintwork, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) presents an excellent option. This technique involves the gentle removal of the dent without the use of paint or filler, effectively massaging it back into its original position.

In cases where the paintwork has been damaged, the positive news is that our SMART repair specialists meticulously match the repair to your vehicle's color. This eliminates the need to respray the entire vehicle.

How do you match the colour?

Each car is assigned a code, enabling the specialist to determine the precise paint formula to mix. As specialists in our field, we have made substantial investments in advanced technology, including spectrophotometers. These instruments create a formula to match the paint, even if it has faded due to sun damage or is on older cars.

This advanced technology ensures a flawless blend of the repair into the surrounding area, resulting in a brilliant finish.

What are the Benefits of SMART Repair?

SMART repair offers numerous benefits, making it a compelling option for your car. Here are some core reasons why SMART repair might be the best choice:

  1. Efficient and Effective Repair: The majority of repairs can be completed within a few hours by our skilled repair specialists, ensuring a swift resolution to your car's issues.

  2. Cost-Effective Car Repair: Our repairs are often quoted at a fraction of the price charged by traditional body shops. This is because our repair specialists focus on the specific damaged area, eliminating the need to repaint the entire panel. This not only saves you money but also reduces the overall repair time.

  3. Maximizes Resale Value: SMART repairs frequently prove to be an investment, paying for themselves, especially when it comes to selling your vehicle. The enhanced aesthetics contribute positively to the resale value.

  4. Ensures Perfect Color Matching: Dorset Auto Restore specialists excel in matching any factory production color worldwide. This meticulous attention to color ensures a seamless integration of the repair with the existing paintwork.

  5. Fully Guaranteed Repairs: We are so confident in the quality of our repairs that they come with a lifetime guarantee, providing you with assurance and peace of mind.

Our comprehensive SMART repair services cover a range of issues, including scratches on car bodies, bumper scuff repairs, minor dent repairs, and alloy wheel repairs.

Trust Dorset Auto Restore for expert solutions that prioritize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and lasting quality.

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