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Surviving Christmas Traffic: Tips for Driving Home for Christmas,

Travelling during the Christmas period is exciting, seeing family and friends, exchanging gifts and having a great time, however it can also be challenging due to increased traffic, adverse weather conditions, and other factors.

Before you set off, it is recommended that you complete a couple of car safety checks.

  1. Top up on winter screen wash or antifreeze

  2. Check the oil level

  3. Check tyres for any cracks or splits, plus ensure they have a good tread

  4. Ensure windscreen wipers are working efficiently

Here are a few additional tips to enhance road safety during Christmas:

Check the Weather Forecast:

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast for your route. Adverse weather conditions such as snow, ice, or heavy rain can significantly impact driving conditions. Plan accordingly and consider delaying your journey if the weather is severe.

  • Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged before you start your journey. Carry a car charger to keep it powered during the trip. A charged phone can be crucial for emergencies, navigation, and communication.

  • Increase your following distance, especially in adverse weather conditions. This provides you with more time to react to sudden stops or changes in traffic conditions.

  • Be Mindful of Fatigue:

  • If you're transporting Christmas presents or luggage, make sure they are securely packed and won't become projectiles in the event of sudden stops or turns.

  • Be aware of other drivers' actions and anticipate potential hazards. Defensive driving involves staying alert, obeying traffic rules, and being prepared for the unexpected.

  • Minimise distractions while driving. Keep your focus on the road, and if you need to make a call or change your GPS settings, pull over to a safe location.

  • Keep yourself informed about road conditions, especially if you're travelling long distances. Listen to traffic reports and use real-time navigation apps for updates on road closures or accidents.

  • Traffic jams are common during the festive season. Stay patient and avoid aggressive driving behavior. Keep a bottle of water and some snacks in the car to stay comfortable during delays.

  • Familiarise yourself with the location of emergency services along your route. Keep emergency contact numbers handy, and know how to use the emergency services on your mobile phone.

Safe travels and

Merry Christmas!

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